Our Heritage

OPF Gallery One has its roots in OPF, an online artists' group formed in 2006 by several international photographers, as  "Open Photography Forums", with two concepts:


1. Hold up a lantern to humanity and the planet over which we have claimed dominion

2. Assist each other in seeing the way, each in his/her "Journey to the Masterpiece"


We now host over 5,000 photographers and other visual artists, including award-winning videographers, painters and sculptors too! Each day, on OPF, old favorites resurface to be discussed again and new work surprises us with innovative expression. As a result, a large body of wonderful visual art has evolved. Each artist’s vision is different resulting in collections representing diverse interests, motifs and references. There are no "gurus" in this process. We offer no courses, workshops or “products, just devotion to creating artwork that might stand the test of time. Hopefully, they will become treasured and collected. The process is one of driving of each other's work to his/her private goal. There have been many meetings in Los Angeles, Paris, Bordeaux, Munich, London, Venice and 2015 will include Setubal Portugal, London and of course Paris and Bordeaux. We have honed our skills in differentiating artwork “with breathe in its nostrils” from the merely sentimental or attractive pictures or illustrations. 


2015 Marked the 10th anniversary of our group and we decided it was time to develop a direct market arm for outstanding work and also represent like-minded independent visual artists. We used outside advisors to curate our collection. The works showcased represent many offerings from around the world. However, the gallery has stayed true to its mission to offer for sale only work that has earned its place competitively over its peers. Selected portfolios cover a wide set of media, esthetics and subject matter. We value fastidious technique, that doesn’t encroach on the soul of the artists work. We eschew "rules" only when we have mastered them. We respect no boundaries, except that of human dignity and the worth of the planet over which we have dominion. My own included work has been chosen by other curators. 


Most work is viewable by private appointment in either the USA, i(n Beverly Hills CA), or in Europe, (Paris or Bordeaux) and might be available in sizes not presented here. Your enquiries are always welcome.


Asher Kelman, 2015, Los Angeles, CA