Charlotte Thompson Digital Art Transparency Overlays. Conceptual Impressions.  Born in Dallas, Texas, residing in Katy, Texas Cinco Ranch. I am fascinated with the idea of multilayer visual art which I produce on a very Modern level. The process has taken seven years to develop. It has become my own. I would like the viewer to come to his or her own conclusions when contemplating my art. I find in my own description that the work is highly charged with emotion, mystery- a haunting kind of allure and strongly suggestive. That one might look and become part of a unique process for individual thinking. I am in every piece I create. Conceptual Impressions. Digital Art transparency overlays.

Art education- Private school Mt. Carmel Houston.Texas- Bellaire-Houston,Texas. Current,  I have made four Books Covers for Steen Langstrup, Denmark, Horror Writer.. MORKET. Annika vonHoldt, Denmark. Thriller Writer I am in close collaboration with. I sell individual art to clients Internationally Denmark, Sweden, Australia , Korea and U.S.A. An Art piece is featured on Interieur Advanced Vision owned by Annemie Vandervol The Witch Annemie the piece was made especially for Ms. Vandormael. Cuttings Poetry Forum My Art is displayed as headers for the forum owner Dorothy Mienko. Yejin Music Academey Gallery Art Showing- South Korea. D.O.E Productions made the lead character for an upcoming new video game.